SQL Relay 2016

05 Oct 2016

Thanks to our illustrious leader at the CaRdiff meetup I ended up moonlighting at SQL Relay 2016. It was pretty interesting to see so much material for a language that I am only just starting to grasp. Luckily there were also a few people taking some liberty with the SQL focus. Purple Frog Systems had a great talk about setting up an IoT connected Raspberry Pi to log light and temperature, doing the whole process from scratch. From loading the Windows Core OS onto the device to setting up data warehousing in SQL Server 2016 and visualisation in PowerBI. Obviously a little SQL in there, but something I could get my head around none the less.

So not only was I interloping into the SQL community, but I also pushed some R onto them. I presented a brief talk on using R to calculate a distance matrix to locate the closest weather station to a particular postcode in the UK. For those that missed it or want to see the code, the repo is available on Github and the reveal.js slides (written in Rmarkdown) are available rendered on RPubs

Thanks to all the SQL Relay team, have fun in Reading and Nottingham, see you next year?